Truck Accidents

Getting in a truck accident can lead to the death or injury of you, or a loved one. Even if you think you can handle this yourself, you need to think about funeral expenses, paying for medical and other bills, disability, physical therapy, and all the other things that come from a tragic and life altering experience. The attorneys at Applebaum & Stone, PLC have recovered millions for victims of motor vehicle injuries sustained in traffic and freeway type accidents all over Michigan.

Our team of trusted and experienced Michigan truck accident lawyers have a keen understanding of Michigan’s truck laws and personal injury lawsuits. Tractor-trailer accidents and semi-truck accidents in Michigan can make for a confusing legal process, but our team of lawyers will make sense out of it and ensure that you receive the justice you deserve and the maximum compensation you can get.

If you’ve been injured in an accident with a truck you should contact Applebaum & Stone, PLC today.