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Applebaum & Stone, PLC
26777 Central Park Blvd #300, Southfield, MI


I’ve known Ron Applebaum for several years through our leadership on the board of directors of an award-winning nonprofit organization in Michigan. He is a reputable attorney, intelligent thinker and extremely generous. He has helped grow the Applebaum & Stone law firm into one of Detroit’s top auto law firms, helping thousands of men and women who have been involved in a car accident. I’d recommend him as an attorney.


Well, after my car accident back in 2015, Applebaum & Stone reached out to me. Everything went great until I started needing things. They were here from the beginning. We have had our ups and downs, but my attorney is very open about a lot and I respect him more. It took a while to get things over, but considering issues and fighting the insurance company was a blessing to win. Thanks, Mr. Jim Lilly for getting me complete!


Due to expert ligation on my file and communication between my healthcare treatment providers and attorney’s I am satisfied with Applebaum and Stone PLC non-stop progressive and careful integrity overall performance as my NO FAULT attorney’s. I must express that i haven’t always been easy to handle but the level of professionalism Erik Stone, Paige McDonald, Melissa Boatner, Barbara, Niyah Batts, Ron Applebaum, Christina Alton, Tammy, and everyone else at Applebaum and Stone has is nothing less than heart-warming and accepting. 411Pain is one of the best law firms in Michigan to handle injured auto accident victim’s.


I have dealt with Applebaum and Stone, and have had the best experience come out of such a horrible event. Thank you for having such a great staff and making me feel at peace.


Being in an accident is very difficult and they care about their clients and that is very important to me. The attorneys and staff have been amazing and I appreciate everything they did for me.


This firm has helped me in so many ways. They know what they are doing. Ron is a great guy, he has always answered my questions and has instilled patience within me. I’ve always felt excited about coming to the office. I knew we were moving forward. One thing about this firm. They don’t let the defense sit around and waste time. I hope I never have to. But if so I would call Applebaum&Stone again. They have many personnel that I need to mention. Tammy, Faye, Marguerite, Nina, Mr. Lilly, and Eric Stone thank you all for being so patient with me and always ready to answer any questions or concerns I had. May you all enjoy the upcoming Holidays.


Applebaum & Stone is a wonderful place to work. After 20+ years representing corporate giants, coming over to represent the people with my law school classmate, Ron Applebaum, has been a breath of fresh air. It’s always an uphill battle, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Staff goes above and beyond. I would recommend anyone injured in a car accident or slip and fall to call this law firm. They are professional and care about each and every client. They are the best!!


I had personal injury case & it turned out 👍thank you


Margarite & Nina are so knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you both for all your continued help.


Great lawyers


Great lawyers


They will take care of you.


Very knowledgeable attorneys
Loyal and hardworking team